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*   EFF & Princeton Scientists Sue Record Companies Over Squelched Research -
EFF asked a federal court to rule that Princeton University Professor Edward Felten and his research team have a First Amendment right to present their research on digital music access-control technologies at the USENIX Security Conference this August in Washington, DC.
[EFF media release]   [EFF/Felten complaint brief]   [EFF reply to RIAA response]   (Updated June 18, 2001)

*   EFF Answers Court Queries in DVD Decryption Free Speech Case -
2600 Magazine Relies On New Supreme Court Precedent in new supplementary brief.
[EFF media release]   [EFF/2600 supplementary brief]   [MPAA's brief]   (Updated May 30, 2001)

*   Protest Macy's Privacy Practices -
Electronic Frontier Foundation Disputes Macy's Bridal Registry
[EFF action alert]   [EFF media release]   [media coverage]   [previous action alert]   (Updated June 18, 2001)

*   EFF Needs Your Help -
Your membership needed more than ever! Also: New matching funds drive to bolster Usenix grant for DVD cases. (Apr. 19, 2001)

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*   BayFF & EFF Housewarming Party - (CA, July 10, 2001)
Come Celebrate Our 11th Anniversary, See Our New Home, Meet Board Members and Staff, and Learn More About the Work We Do (updated June 11, 2001)

*   EFF Exec. Dir. Shari Steele Speaks at WITI Summit - (CA, June 21, 2001)
Panel, "Hot Politics: The Balance of Security and Privacy", June 21, Women in Technology International 2001 Professional Women's Summit, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA (updated June 6, 2001)

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Scientific Freedom in the Digital Age
EFF backs Princeton Professors' suit against the recording industry in challenge of Digital Millennium Copyright Act's validity.
Internet Content Blocking / Censorware
Governments increasingly push mandatory online censorship software on public libraries and schools, misblocking millions of innocuous Web pages.
Marketing, Datamining & Your Privacy
How much privacy do you have left when companies "share" your most personal information with "marketing partners" without your knowledge or consent?

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